About Us


Originals Group

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Originals Group emphasises on “originality” and “breakthrough”. We use technology to improve users’ experience. Besides, we collect data through cookies and smart devices and use big data analysis to improve clients’ business turnover. We aimed to help business owners, especially traditional business to transform their business from offline to online using the innovative technology nowadays.

Originals Group has three main services –


Our listing and media service company – SIDE Media focuses on using digital marketing to reach users worldwide; meanwhile, we have four platforms to engage the right audiences in order to help growing our client’s business.


BiTS Asia is a technology company of ours, to help and improve our clients’ productivity with AI, data and blockchain technology.


To improve clients’ business performance, Originals Consultancy Services is the business consultant that provides result-driven advice and training. Our service includes e-commerce, trust, finance management, investment, e-learning etc.

Our Founder

Dr. Michael So

Director of Henderson International Limited (40 years brokers company in HK)

Skills: InsurTech, eCommerce, Chatbot, Smart device API, Government, Hospital & Clinic connection in Malaysia