BiTS Asia

BiTs Asia is a technology firm invested in developing Insurtech to help insurance intermediaries simplify, digitalise and automate its operations. Our goal is to innovate the insurance industry as we have highlighted several issues with the current mainstream system, for example, the never-ending paperwork, possible biased judgement of insurers based on experience and representatives who lack training. With that in mind, we are determined to establish features such as ChatBot, Robotic Process Automation, Application Programming Interface, Blockchain and AI Training tailored to cater the insurance ecosystem. Currently, we are on track with the development plan and our ChatBot system is live on HK.Insure ( link found below), a website for Henderson Insurance Consultants Limited. Looking forward, we are certain that our technology is a cut above as it has comprehensive features, takes into account of the complete value chain, has less maintenance fees and less system integration. Therefore, will be able to provide a user-friendly system in the future.

HK.Insure – Provides interview with industry stakeholders, directory listing of Insurance companies, brokers and agents with online enquiry, booking and ordering features.

The New Norm Biz Circle – Based on the Chatbot technology and business model we developed, we have formed a new business circle to help our business partners to adopt with the new OxO business norm and Omni Channels. We provide a free automated multiple IM and social media chatbot to our members and consultation to allow them to full-fill with the new marketing circumstances. Monthly event will be held to update our members with the latest OxO technology and market trend.


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Address: Lion Rock 72, 1/F, Innocentre, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong.
Tel: +852 3959 3316